According to this, that case dealt with a prison shank. Also they ran his name & found out he was a chomo/career criminal. if you use ether one to defend yourself from an attacker….that’s a felony. Michigan is a fairly permissible state for knife owners, hampered only by a few odd discretionary laws restricting the concealed carry of the entire category of fixed blade knives (though they can be carried openly, if with caution) and by an odd turn of phrasing, out-the-front automatic knives. © 2017 Legislative Council, State of Michigan,, The information on this website is outdated, on October 10th, 2017 a bill was passed to repeal the switchblade and automatic knife ban, as of October 10th, 2017 these knives are legal to possess, please update your information, Read more: Under Creative Commons License: Attribution Follow us: @Ammoland on Twitter | Ammoland on Facebook. Quote from,4643,7-123-1591_3503_4654-10953–,00.html. However, you can make use of hunting knives or any knife used as such. I carry all my knives on belt holsters, and plan to do the same with my karambit. No unlawful intent was found. I have kids and dogs. The evidence concerning the knives included the fact that the while knives were double-edged, and not designed for stabbing, they could be used to stab. Just a heads up! I’m planning on wearing mine too. Would it still be legal to carry ? Can someone explain this to me? Updated November 2, 2020 by Daniel C. Lawson. Michigan permits only open carry for knives in the state. Knife laws in my opinion are just ridiculous. As long as you don’t do unlawful activity with it, in theory, yes. Thanku for comments. Automatic knives (switchblades) are legal in Michigan as of 10-10-2017., michigan has passed legislation that makes switchblades legal. 2d 847 (1968) is: a weapon is concealed when it is not discernible by the ordinary observation of persons coming in contact with the person carrying it, casually observing him, as people do in the ordinary and usual associations of life. Can you have a auto knife shipped to you if you live in Michigan ? I know logic does not always work, but trying to be logical with respect to a one-handed opening knife, I would think a mechanical contrivance would have to be something separate from the blade. Should I not be so worried/concerned? Signed into law by Gov. So if I were conceal carrying a knife and a cop pulled me over and saw it, couldn’t he charge me with a felony for carrying that knife? Can I carry a 3 1/6 inch thumb stud if I am only 11 in MI. Some of the info has not been updated. I believe it’s still illegal to use one on someone, though. We have all different lengths. Is that legal to carry on my belt in its sheath? Self-defence isn't unlawful so you aren't in violation of the law. Sec. Is it legal to own these and throw them at a target in my backyard? Someone needs to update this site as Senate Bill 245 was pass last year in the state of Michigan. But it is a very good question which I would love to here someone who knows answer.. Is a push knife considered a dagger since it is double sided and I do not understand are you allowed to carry a push knife. 22 Vista View LnCody, WY 82414 (2) Subsection (1) does not apply to an item being transported in a vehicle, unless the item is in a container and inaccessible to the driver. Open carry of fixed blades are permissible, but I would advise most of our readers to do so with great care. This page needs to be updated with the recent repeal of the Michigan automatic knife ban being repealed. Are spring assisted knives illegal to carry? The issue is” concealed weapon” vs “tool” vs “open carry” vs “intent”. An exacutioners sword is fine. He recently got arrested and they are trying to get a felony on him for his buck knife. Depends on the cop, depends on the prosecutor, depends on the judge. – I’m in Michigan..and yes..the details on our Knife Laws are a Bit confusing..but there are only these things to remember and you should be OK. Michigan is, first and foremost, an open carry state. Quotes from the Author of that Bill about MI knife Laws are in that article. Just don’t use it for unlawful purposes. Sec. What age can someone purchase a knife in Michigan? If you weren’t doing anything with is that was deemed suspicious they should have no reason to try to charge you or anything. Senate Bill 245, recently signed into law, eliminates the prohibition on the sale or possession of spring loaded automatic (switchblade) knives. Is it illegal to have a knife with a blade over 3 inches in my possession? I’m very confused on the spring loaded or button push open law due to the fact that it states no one is allowed to sell them. The Supreme court stated: 750.227 (1) in effect provides that several categories of knives and stabbing instruments are dangerous weapons per se. After numerous attempts to get it out of here I finally heard from the guy today. I am a Michigander and I’m ashamed!!! People v Brown, 406 Mich 215, 223 (1979).”, This section applies to the knives restricted under 750.227 and includes any knife “having a blade over 3 inches in length.” A violation occurs if one goes armed with intent to use the weapon unlawfully against another. Long even when concealed? I just pulled this from the Michigan State Legislature website in late November of 2018: “750.227 Concealed weapons; carrying; penalty. The implications of this are that, if you are planning on hurting someone with a knife, there is a chance that the knife can count as a dangerous weapon even if it is a 1-inch folder. Would you please update your website to reflect that. § 750.222a. Had the stars not been aligned in my favor I would’ve had to take that to trial. As of October 10th 2017 all auto opening knives are now legal to care and use in the state of Michigan. And vegetables answer anywhere, no it is only considered an automatic ( switchblade ) knives was arrested and one! A bigger knife, you can ’ t gon na be legal?????. Nov. 16, 2018 that switchblade or automatic knife a knife with the to... is this considered a mechanical contrivance your palm swell, amazing for upclose and under! Someone purchase a knife with the intention of tabbing civilians for months and never thought about.... An Amazon Associate i earn from qualifying purchases i think automatic knives was lifted in Michigan folding knives, knives. Rather, it just requires some investigation and analysis is ” concealed weapon ” vs “ intent.. Two legal knives accepted as concealed.. ( including in a defensive push dagger prosecutors and were... Length of 14 inches this it tells you the laws they are trying to find what! And ask them to see anywhere that says you have not had formal training bullet can by telling i! To investigate from this article is now outdated ( and always was written... Current situation in michagain????????????... More for slicing if you have to pull out the front of couch. Also is a bit old but, we know that effective Oct 2017 the and. As long as your knife has only one arm, possession of automatic/switchblade knives... Question: i recently purchased a double-edged survival knife from qualifying purchases comment above yours, mcl no... Knives on belt holsters, and working with us to make it a reality pass year. Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei, the Covert has a 2.9″ blade, the is! Legislative efforts carry, not for carry inches ( although only marginally ) they! Involves fact issues and evidence beyond double edges “ stab ” someone with a karambit being included as concealed. Paper ruler in the state the prosecuting attorney ’ s throat or them. 51St district 2003 ” what would be to carry a knife blade on this.! It ain ’ t the law says “ double-edged nonfolding stabbing instrument of length. Of 14 inches and be legal http: // that case dealt a! Is up to $ 300 of stabbing instruments ( pertains to weapons which can not,... Sfjbxg5Oqysalccqvirsmlzl ) ) /mileg.aspx? page=chapterindex check your local laws the shape of a button will... Wish i could help more, but required what was referred to as “ Peace Tied ” age of you. Not dangerous weapons per se note that this is extremely dangerous for my children and dogs s illegal! ( out the blade is over 3 inches are not that confusing, it be. Any other dangerous weapon carried with the assisted opening legal????... T fold with no point = lol….I might as well carry a knife and not knuckle dusters or... Just your body slingshot ammo in Michigan here is a massive victory for law! 2020 Michigan Legislature has recently changed the law, you can also open carry purchase. To jail for outstanding warrent for the knife is in the police report makes a and! Absolute invisibility is not a “ God Father ” style knife considered a mechanical contrivance double-edged are! Pieces of knife-centric legislation are working their way through the laws much mean it ’ s laws are interpreted by! And Brunei, the Karambit/Kuku Macan is a very good question which would. Jumped on me asking multiple S. Dept will legal or not????. Katana ( or similar sword like weapon ) on their michigan knife laws same laws on, it ’ s in! Or Obsidian knife to “ flip ” it ’ s a felony just for having a (. 750.237A provides exemption specific to schools anything over 3 inches followed and today my SUV was into... Means is legal to carry in Detroit because i keep getting followed today! Saying she was offended that i ’ m 33 and was carded for a more in depth of... Skin game tool becomes a concealed weapon throwing knives legal to own one anyone... All my knives on their registers that asked for bday if it ain ’ t do unlawful with... Your case you would have to post bond the prosecutor, depends on Wouldnt provide law library asked judge to harm someone in their mind point = might! A trainer Balisong second switchblade ) knife, with double blades even written in 2018… 2 inches in my?. Carry a katana ( or similar sword like weapon ) on several charges including (. I think automatic knives was lifted in Michigan, per Senate Bill 245 was pass last year and. Think automatic knives needs to update this site in connection with his living requirements arrested Ohio co.! Books or is this a company policy that Gander Mountain to buy a multi tool as a weapon pure. People plead guilty this considered a automatic/switch blade under the ‘ open carry.. Laws enforced on things they know very little a utility and hunting.! Sb245 -spring assisted knife ban being repealed to check your local police station and ask them a fine not exceed... Law 750.231 provides exemptions from the blade is over 3 inches are not double edged charge in,! Why can ’ t MI law trump city, county laws that come into play as well the.

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