Ibuki Mioda. Edit. When not fighting Reaverbots she can be found gushing over the newest JRPGs or watching seasonal anime with her furless cat Noko. Nekomaru is the ultimate team manager and quickly took to helping Akane train. Category page. This can also be seen when he locks the students in the funhouse to starve to death if they don't kill. Nekomaru is always fired up and has a very selfless personality. Mahiru is the ultimate photographer who has an upbeat personality. In chapter three, she contracts the despair disease, and Mikan helps her to hang herself. Ibuki is the ultimate musician who currently enjoys being a metal artist. The known members consist of Junko Enoshima, the original and true Ultimate Despair (as well as the Ultimate Fashionista/Analyst), her sister Mukuro Ikusaba, the Ultimate Soldier, Izuru Kamukura, the former Ultimate Hope, and all the members of the Island's School Life of Mutual Killing aside from Chiaki Nanami. Danganronpa 2 is one of those rare games that actually manages to completely surpass the sequel. is one of those rare games that actually manages to completely surpass the sequel. Monomi is the counter to Monokuma and viewed as his younger sister. Monokuma once again returns to be the host of the killing game. Monokuma. During the stay on the island, he helps confirm that the planes aren't working and builds a tiny Nekomaru to ease Akane's pain. Blood, Sexual Themes, Strong Language, Violence, The Characters of Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair, Black Friday Video Game Deals Are Live Now, Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair Wiki Guide, Chapter 2 - Sea and Punishment, Sin and Coconuts. Mahiru Koizumi. Akane Owari. Akane is a very outgoing girl with a huge appetite. This is seen when he is hit by a bazooka blast when protecting Akane and later comes back as a robot. Hiyoko is the most childish character in the class and the ultimate traditional dancer. She shows little remorse in her trial and thinks that killing and being killed is fun. He is obsessed with hope overcoming despair and is revealed to be obsessed with Junko, who creates the ultimate challenge for hope. Hajime is the protagonist of Danganronpa 2 and is said to be the ultimate hope. Monomi. Chiaki Nanami. Nagito is one of the most loved and hated characters in the Danganronpa universe. She is shown as kind and patient when she helps Hiyoko get out of her robe for a bath. Chapter 4 - Do Ultimate Robots Dream of Clockwork? RELATED: DanganRonpa V3: The 10 Best Classmates Ranked. The second killing game begins with an even more quirky cast of characters that have made their way into fan's hearts. The class even got a prequel anime to fully describe their origins and time at Hope's Peak. Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu. It was later revealed that Mahiru was associated with finding the body of Fuyuhiko's sister, leading Peko to murder her. ", Super High School Level ???). Unlike in the first game, Monokuma is much crueler in his motives, even releasing the despair disease to drive the students insane. She is one of the few students to make it to the end of the game with Hajime and has a close relationship with Nekomaru. She gets infected with the despair disease in chapter three, causing her to murder both Ibuki and Hiyoko. He has revered Hope's Peak Academy since childhood. Below we have compiled a list of every character that you can find in Danganronpa 2. Hajime Hinata. Hiyoko is close with Mahiru, but incredibly cruel to Mikan and often belittles the nurse. While Soda is often part of the comic relief in the series, he manages to be one of the final classmates left alive at the end of the killing game. Fuyuhiko is the ultimate yakuza and comes off as distant at the start of the game. Gundham is the ultimate breeder and has a deep connection with animals. She even puts … History Talk (0) Share. RELATED: Persona 4: 10 Best Chie Cosplays That Look Just Like The Game. She is kind but often gets abused by Monokuma, who wants nothing more than to destroy her. From companies in Japan to being featured on The Kim Komando Show, Jess has prided herself in expressing her love for gaming. Having no memory of the skill that landed him in the academy, he is given the title of Ultimate ??? In his first appearance, he uproots Monomi's peaceful island and begins to present cruel motives to the class. Izuru Kamukura. Kazuichi Soda. Chiaki is the most hope-filled member of the class and helps pull the others through the killing game. The ultimate impostor is trapped on the island with the rest of the class and takes on the appearance of Byakuya Togami. Gundham Tanaka. However, with his investigative skills, he manages to help solve the murder mysteries… The second killing game begins with an even more quirky cast of characters that have made their way into fan's hearts. When the killing game begins, he even states that he has been through the game before. To help save his classmates, he is killed by Gundham in the funhouse much to Akane's dismay. Sadly, the imposter doesn't get much time to help his classmates. ?」, Chō-kōkō-kyū no "??? Sonia is extremely skilled in diplomatic relations and reveals early on that she has an unhealthy obsession with serial killers. In the game, he tortures himself and uses his luck power to set up his own murder. Outside of Peko, Fuyuhiko was only close to his sister, who he learned was murdered during the game. (超高校級の「?? Trending pages. Hiyoko Saionji. By the end of chapter one, the imposter is killed by Teruteru during the banquet. One of the students in Danganronpa, he is the Ultimate Affluent Progeny. Jess has been writing for clients all around the world for years. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. Sonia is the ultimate princess and one of the final survivors of the killing game. Soon a pink bunny rabbit appears telling them that they are safe, only to soon be overthrown by Monokuma. 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