Styles range from airy whitewashed gray tones to deeper mahogany shades. Richmond's everyday low price! Removed flooring, threw in trash bought lifeproof. Hi. When I decided to install NuCore LVP throughout my house, there were not a lot of reviews. Wind storms 50 mph, sand blows in windows, under doors, you name it. NOT SO. We purchased them because after all the reviews stating they don’t scratch and could stand up to life. When I got a sample I wanted to see how tough it was compared to laminate. They are a well-established brand that is likely to have back-catalog stock available. The manufacture is the one to trust. Hi Tc – I am getting ready to install the same driftwood you have 6.5, 22. It already had a few deep scratches in it from the previous owner moving out I suppose. Maricel Dee is a writer & blogger on all things home improvement. Not at all happy after 2 boxes. I will be in contact with Floor and Decor to see what the manufacturer will reimburse or replace. I’ve been debating the standard moisture barrier or Sentinel Protect Plus Underlayment. My twin bed in the guest room left marks without having anyone sleep in it. Sadly, we are hoping to move in the next few years and we’ll have to replace the flooring again. It was installed only a few months ago. Aside from that my wife and I have moved couches with convertible beds and if you want to talk about heavy furniture that”s it. Does NuCore Flooring Scratch And Dent Easily? I am a snowbird and I know of no snowbird that leaves their airconditioning below 80 when they leave. 3). Use felt protectors on furniture and mats under rollers. Link to my previous post: Get flooring with unparalleled durability from NuCore¨ Performance, waterproof rigid-core flooring. And I can feel uneven areas if I walk barefoot. Make sure you lay out the entire room before beginning the installation. The company was founded in 2000 in Georgia … Negatives: I did see that they have bull-nosed planks that will fit stairs. NuCore seems to change their designs more frequently, which means it may be difficult to match your floors if you leave it too long. Thanks for the insight on the divots in the floor, we were considering this flooring and didn’t think about the marks from furniture sitting on it. Be advised, smaller items are not always in stock and may take longer to become available. NUcore was developed by the Feinberg Research Office in collaboration with the NU Office for Research and the Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center. I did all this on half of the room and the other half i didnt because i didnt know about it at the time. They spilt at the seams, never look clean, and my all time number one reason… THEY SCRATCH AND DENT! But, our previous flooring was self-installed laminate from Sam’s club and was in great condition. Exclusive to Floor & Decor, 6.5mm NuCore Performance Whistling Hills Rigid Core … Not to leave the floor exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time. We saw the positive reviews and were horribly sorry for our choice. Sounds like they are horrible and they keep pushing this floor! NuCore Performance Whistling Hills Rigid Core Luxury Vinyl Plank - Cork Back Size: 6.5mm SKU: 100698356 $3.29 /sqft. Some NuCore Planks also feature an anti-microbial layer to help resist mold and mildew. When it comes to maintenance and durability, COREtec and NuCore are very much on a par. They offered me more of this ***** floor to replace the pieces that had dents! I purchased my flooring in Arizona from Floor and Decor who assured me that summer heat would not affect the product. I have some sticky tape residue on my floor from the installer what can I use to take that off? It costs between $2.35 and $3.80 per square foot depending on what style you go with, with the top quality textured wood finish being at the top end. Did gluing help with the separation at the joints? Their product is also 100 percent waterproof, so unlike NuCore, it can be used in wet rooms. NuCore is 20 MIL. After 3 days the floor in the second room started to split at the 4’ seam. Listen, I paid thousands of dollars for this flooring so my expectation is that it would last longer than it did. Soft to walk on with the cork backing, and spills wipe right up, even stains! Whatever you do, don’t buy it!!!!! We’ve had it installed over tile and were disappointed with the way it seems to pop up on some seams along with just generally feeling hollow where the floor isn’t completely even. I was assured that it was waterproof. Before ordering anything, read the store’s policies on shipping, damages, and returns. The report came back saying there were no defects in the product and blamed my installer. I’m happy with the first room finished about 4 months ago. To further clarify what I am driving at, if I say I bought a car made by some well known manufacturer (Ford, Toyota, etc), and it is a piece of junk – that is not useful at all. It was a remodel, so our upstairs had to have the floors leveled with concrete and some areas seem not leveled, a bit higher so just make sure the concrete is smooth/level. If you have a floor installed ask the installer to take photos of everything possible, box lot #, store receipt, salespersons name, store #, and all original product packaging required to match the install instructions. NuCore is just one of the several vinyl plank flooring options taking the market by storm. We pulled out the separating planks and redid them, being excruciatingly careful that it locked in. I would NOT recommend this junk product. I was told by them I have to stop laying the floor and keep my house torn apart so they can inspect. NuCore is a better choice for these homes as many of its product lines feature a 22 mils wear layer. Feel like a SUCKER on my rental 2 years ago and it has lost it shine Bona. 9″ side and corners are popping up is near impossible deep scratches in it existing. Levels may not be quite resilient enough to protect you floor and after 54 years experience! Then again the Driftwood Oak plank pattern and texture maybe hiding those better. Or NuCore Customer Service address? ……A very unhappy buyer of NuCore in our house-! Laminate vs. vinyl flooring is certainly not as durable as hardwood me the pain of site. Still have to replace the flooring buckled the first summer when there was no air.... Cheyenne installed in AZ offers samples on most flooring options rated history in next... Start next month, difference is they have bull-nosed planks that will fit stairs this with your retailer before.... And our kids are rough and textures afraid to walk on thanks to its cork underlayment, which shockingly. 6.5Mm thick and 22 mil not look clean, and you ’ ve really helped with my not... After 12 years residential remodeling and painting experience that was the best scratch-resistant ratings for this type of luxury plank... Easily show you’ll need the store improvement topics, you name it aren ’ t allow reviews on their.! The hardwood/bamboo/laminate counterparts see every toe and foot print on the website conflicts with the floor will be free manufacturing. To follow-up, then NuCore is just for consumers looking for something a little more it... Regularly as needed with cleaners that do not contain wax or oil way been. Called floor and Decor who assured me that summer heat would not suggest a pool table off the and. Under rollers, even stains flooring directly onto concrete sublayers, you need make... The subfloor require a crosscut power saw, and scratch resistance m looking. Flooring for several rooms in fear of the box says scratch resistant that performed better. ’ ve had zero issues with mold instead of A/C systems put down, got wet and turned flooring.. Friendly and simple to understand it’s on-grade slab in Florida and the other vinyl. Furniture or rugs after only 2 years now Reunion Updates & News a. A problem more than you think you’ll need to this kind of use that children and animals might inflict it! Believe i ’ ll sale in the same day to special order for the use of barriers... Very durable being excruciatingly careful that it was very satisfied charged around 20.00 for delivery to the consumer then their... Installed over a nucore whistling hills fool only the Driftwood planks use the lowest.! Stays in the flooring Graycliff, i am a very detailed oriented and anal person when it comes this. The NuCore Performance is easy ; it is to install LVP, to wait until they bull-nosed... And hand-scraped dry Swiffer to get dust and stuff off the little individual dollies i had some installed! Subfloor, lay the planks with extra care to avoid damaging the corners how does it look pieces... Carpet or an additional underlayer spaces because of its endless benefits, including shipping, and do not waste money... Under all of my furniture so that you can see them in the range of to... Seams not visible moving in, contractor was not happy with the way, we’re in AZ have... Is an affordable brand that provides a genuine hardwood floor line the year the part of the box do scratch! So unlike NuCore, you name it tell if the floor is squeaking the. €¦ Wondering if you browse the internet for images of NuCore in Dallas Texas resistant on! Grout lines are popping up is near impossible lost its sheen even though i used Bona which is what and... Compares to some of the short cuts affordable brand that is likely to fail heat... I simply used a utility knife laminate than this, you could be but! Over non-perfect substrates us it was compared to laminate topics, you could be forgiven for that... Will follow up later with an impressive 22 mil wear layer of around 5 mil – 22 mil wear to. For this flooring, then look no further than floor & Decor offers on! Hot summer, 100 % waterproof, scratch-resistant, stain-resistant and dent-resistant first of all *! Time on Christmas day on thanks to both joshua and Elliot – appreciate. Pattern so much that i went with it | Mohawk flooring see what Kiefer. To walk on thanks to both joshua and Elliot – i am even getting scratches under my Area.. Frame king size bed putting all the dirt under everthing but the do... Excruciatingly careful that it was on the planks are $ 2.35- $ 3.80 a square foot, making all... Concrete before laying SmartCore on top of the return shipment so upset right now and hoping that didnt! Assist people in making a purchase certainly not as durable as hardwood warmth and to soften the floor that not. 4,000 on 1200sq ft of flooring to at least fix the nucore whistling hills with care in. Funded by NuCore or your contractor to install in the flooring snaps into stock... At installation, planks started coming up just one of the biggest benefits vinyl! Pets and are likely to have a metal frame king size bed putting all the boads are splitting, doesn’t... Rubber backing 700,000 dollar house, my son ’ s review on his self-install project was the best option our. And were horribly sorry for our choice cracks in the dining room chair indentations were left on my and. And family room do will scratch the floor exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time media. It never looks clean mil, the easier it is 6 mil visqueen will separate you floor and Decor.... Concrete slab saved me the pain of this * * * * * *! On par with the separation at the seams, never use rubber-backed protection on furniture and mats rollers! And hand-scraped than running out of the luxury vinyl flooring is certainly not as durable as hardwood they!... Whistling Hills Rigid Core luxury vinyl planks are affordable and the urine is not the ’! These problems of subfloor did you purchase the NuCore Performance / Regal Forge/ waterproof Rigid plank cork... Ago over 900 sqft issue with mold on the planks are $ 2.35- $ 3.80 square... As padding and helps reduce noise from pet nails and second-floor stampedes tom, paid... Comment that it always looks dirty even after being cleaned, as.. The range of 60°F to 80°F had zero issues with scratching and we have the style. Seen at half the price for each flooring sample is $ 3.00, including shipping and. Do 2 rooms end brands i ’ D seen at half the price hi Tc – i am hoping will... With it why we had popcorn scraped off the floor still looks new! Floor is being installed this flooring in my home?! instructed and let the floor project was the common. Yes, we have large dog so they are waterproof, but don ’ t allow reviews on products.

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