Failing those could demonstrate a lack of humility, living without the common courtesy of “friendly thoughtfulness.” Whatever the reason we cannot let discourtesy get us down. Thank you for your in depth and thoughtful comment. Manners must be taught from a child's earliest days. Thanks for the read. :D. Great hub, and entertaining despite the bad behavior incidents. I think it wasn't the job for him. People don't tend to change. Do I wait? When I checked out, the sandwich lady kept giving me a look as she piled some napkins next to my husband’s sandwich, which she had made a bit of a mess of, but never mind. Last night, my husband and I went downtown to watch the Fourth of July fireworks on the Empire State Plaza. I think it harkens back to parental discipline. Eventually politeness will become more common in the world. As I turned back around, I saw her starting to put my items into plastic bags. We all need to slow down and smell the roses and learn to appreciate things again, including the benefits of being courteous to each other. I was gob smacked! People, after they have been affected by the courtesy of strangers, will begin to do the same for others. I don’t know what is worse: those that barged through, those that ignore the politeness of others, or those that just blatantly stand in the way and inconvenience everyone around. Self respect isn't something I find in many peoples behavior either. Donna Hilbrandt (author) from Upstate New York on August 28, 2012: Hyphenbird: I like your philosophy of "one by one we must make up the difference with a smile..." I agree :). I read an article on LinkedIn recently concerning someone’s acknowledgment that they no longer provide greetings or closings associated with their professional business communication. Seven Signs That Common Courtesy Is Dying - an Observation #1: The Sandwich Lady Thanks for the read :). They are made of an off white canvas that has some speckles in it. Sending Angels your way this evening :) ps. Isn’t she there to sell sandwiches? All the other kids laughed at him, which was a teaching op for me, but I was horrified. Dave Henderson from Missouri, USA on July 06, 2012: Can a metaphor be built from your experience on the 4th of July? I spend a great deal of time marketing my skills and services to businesses and individuals. A few months ago, we purchased a new, custom built computer from a local business. Have we become that disconnected? Bill: I agree. I cannot agree more with you. As you say, more positive is out there than negative. I was raised in the North, but my parents would have been mortified if I didn't show people common courtesy. I have a theory that America started losing its manners when college football players stopped waving and saying "Hi Mom" when they saw a TV camera on them. Maybe these people just absolutely hate their jobs but cannot find something better in this downtrodden economy. He would do a quick fix and we would go home hopeful that the machine would work “this time.” After a day or two, or maybe a week, we ended up back in his shop. What happened to small business owners who go above and beyond to make things right for their neighbors? How can you drink THAT!? On so many occasions, I queue up and check out with not so much as a “hello” from the cashier. On one occasion, I was slightly desperate for a trim, and I ended up in a mall salon that looked respectable. On my first visit to New York I must admit I was a little anxious, as all my perceptions of what New York was like came mainly from American TV cop shows. Explore our collection of motivational and famous quotes by authors you know and love. This is especially true in the area of customer service. I think common courtesy suffers in America because many parts of American society lack a sense of community. As a result we have a generation of people who've never had to consider the feelings of others. Discover and share Lack Of Common Courtesy Quotes. As awful as it is, some of these were hilarious (though I'm sure they weren't at the time). Other Spanish people do not view it or think it is rude it just appears rude to us Brits. Hopefully it won't get too much worse before it gets better. Thanks so much for the read and comment. Thanks for reading. Shouldn’t she have said something more like, “Thank you. I feel your pain!!! We settled on a spot on the edge of the sidewalk just down the steps from the main part of the plaza.

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