In a bigger room you may need to add a device. A hit from a high kick or a flying drumstick can’t shut it down. (0 members and 2 guests), So I have finally bought 2 Studio Project B1s to mic my kit with using the recorderman method. There are currently 2 users browsing this thread. For this reason, the 57 is a go-to mic and has featured on countless records throughout music's history. I now have a few different microphones that might have to be donated to the local school because I will never use them again. The Shure SM57 is way better than any of them. SM57 on a kick drum I needed a mic really quick and I grabbed the SM57 and have been using it ever since. People don't need Macs, they need educating. 11-21-2010 #8. philbagg. Only the loud you want With a uniform cardioid pattern and a pneumatic shock mount system, you get a whole lot of tone without the handling or background noise. It's a kid throwing rocks at cops... Generally speaking I think cops shoot way too many people... That said, I have managed to live my entire life without ever throwing a rock at a cop. The SM57 is a popular choice of musicians due to its sturdy construction and ability to work well with instruments that produce high sound pressure levels, such as percussion instruments and electric guitars.The School of Audio Engineering (SAE) recommends the SM57 (along with other makes and models) for four roles in a drum kit: kick drum, snare drum… "There is no expedient to which man will not resort to avoid the real labor of thinking. The SM57 adds just the right amount of low-end weight, while also adding presence and 'crack' to the drum. ♫♪♫ I have a fever and the cure is cowbell ♫♪♫ .......... stitching their mouths to each others' rectums.". The three snare drums I have used the SM57 with all seem to pair with it extremely well. When it comes to micing a snare drum, the SM57 has pretty much dominated for the best part of 50 years. I might even have to retire my brand new 7 piece drum mic set and purchase more SM57… it dosent take much to eq it, I just use the eq on the mixer and im ok in a room 50ft by 25ft. Hard knocks are just part of the show sometimes, and the SM57 is built to take them on. Everyone has photographic memory, some just don't have the film. I'm setting them up right now (its 1:34 a.m so it's rough not being able to test it out now. check out the. ", By vicenzajay in forum Free Ads for Music/Recording Equipment, By L mandrake in forum Drums and Percussion, By JazzMasterWil in forum Drums and Percussion, By maximum octopus in forum Drums and Percussion, By ROCKNROLLRUSS in forum Drums and Percussion, Recording with tablets & smartphones (iOS & Android), Very inexpensive drum bits and pieces (Hi-hats, snare drum, kick drum heads, If this is your first visit, be sure to

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