While key elements like load time, course pix-elization, and overall speed were far too unfinished to judge in this early version, Tiger Woods '99 seems like it's lined up to belt a whopping drive down the fairway. The TV announcer has comments like, "He just wants to hit a solid putt and walk away with the par" or "He ripped that drive!" Sport 1998 Windows Electronic Arts Golf. See details - Tiger Woods 99 PGA Tour Golf (PC) Complete … The PGA Tour games have traditionally been heavy on simulation and realistic style of play. I can't tell you how many times I left the ball less than one foot from the hole. It's like speed golf or something. Tiger Woods 99 is basically a PC-style golf sim pumped up with "hip" music, flashy arcade elements and the one and only Tiger himself. Tiger Woods has lent his name to an extensive series of golfing simulators over the years but this one is the first in the … make Tiger a fun round of golf. To install Tiger Woods 99 courses here is what you need to do: Download a Tiger Woods 99, Tiger Woods 2000 or Tiger Woods 2001 course. This means that if you know you hit the ball too hard, you can just make sure to add back spin to keep it from rolling too far. It's cheap, but effective and adds a new twist to a boring genre (in my opinion). This does not happen in real time like it does in the Links- series. 3Dfx and Direct3D graphic hardware accelerator cards are supported and will increase the frame rate during the in-flight views. Tiger himself will react depending on the condition, from a running fist pump after a long putt to slapping his hand against his leg and staring off in disgust for blowing a short putt. This probably cast me an average of 4 strokes per 18 holes. Tiger wanted the game to be fun and the play to be fast and he got exactly what he wanted. Tiger Woods 99 users can practice driving, chipping, and putting at the world famous practice facility at Sawgrass. Part of playing golf is that it takes practice to get used to the speed of the swing meter. A respectable five courses Summerlin, Las Colinas, Southwind, Sawgrass, and Scottsdale--should give you plenty of territory to cover. Overall the lack of "classic" golf game detail and the infusion of cool quick-play elements is a nice change. The beauty of all this is the fact that the screen is already drawn and ready for the next shot. Since you can choose from one of 8 PGA Tour pros to play on one … I have a word of caution for people who play both PC and console games. It almost seemed like the hole would move back just enough to make me leave every putt short. The reason that the game plays so much faster is because of the camera work. The actual ball physics and gameplay are pretty realistic and do feel like a sim, so golf purists should still be satisfied. As with all the PGA Tour games of the past, Tiger Woods is packed with options and gameplay modes. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 1999. Tigers sounds stumble, too. Unfortunately, the effects spoiled by bad pixelization throughout the courses and a weird shimmer around the golfers as they move. EA Sports is hoping that it hasn't completely died, so they can make a little money on their investment with Tiger Woods 99. Considering the many games available for the PSX, golf games have been very under-represented. Tiger Woods 99 is basically a PC-style golf sim pumped up with "hip" music, flashy arcade elements and the one and only Tiger himself. You can play as or against Tiger Woods or a choice of the seven other golfers.

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