If anyone was listening to Q on CBC radio Feb. 27, 2015 they heard the great debate between the ukulele and the recorder in the elementary classroom. I didn’t grow up playing the ukulele, I don’t have a degree in string instruments, I am not a violinist, and I am not Jake Shimabakuro. Ukulele Kits; Ukulele Classroom Packs; Concert Ukuleles; Tenor Ukuleles; Baritone Ukuleles; Electric Ukuleles; Ukulele Accessories; Ukulele Bags and Cases; Ukulele Stands and Hangers; Ukulele Strings; Ukulele Tuners; Banjos and Accessories. Percussion Store are pleased to provide an entire classroom set of 30 Ukuleles - perfect for learning this amazing instrument! Ukulele in the Classroom – Part 1 By Denise Gagne. The ukulele is a fantastic learning tool for classroom music but is also perfect for extra-curricular clubs and performing groups. Many of you know me as the creator of Rainbow Ukulele for the classroom. Description . Sam has demonstrated the potential of the of the ukulele at numerous state and national music education conferences, helped with the startup of ukulele programs across the U.S., and has taught beginning ukulele at the annual Strathmore Ukulele and … Choose from 25, or 35 classroom sets of the KA-15S Ukulele; The Kala Satin Mahogany Series Ukulele offers a full-bodied tone with plenty of “Sweet Highs” and “Mellow Lows” that combine for a … This rack holds up to 12 ukuleles (soprano, concert, tenor, or baritone) and can be used on the floor or mounted on a wall with the included hardware. Classroom Instruments Kala Soprano Ukulele Classroom Set Featuring the extremely popular Kala KA-15S Soprano Ukulele, Aquila Nylgut strings, Kala Klipz clip-on tuners, and the ever-popular Essential Elements for Ukulele method book, you and your students will enjoy the experience of playing ukulele without breaking your budget. Tenor Banjos; Left Handed Banjos; Banjo Accessories. The fact that it continues to be resurgent in popular culture only enhances its value anywhere in a school music program. Looking for a versatile option to store your personal collection or set of classroom ukes? Each Vintage Ukulele, which comes in an attractively-designed brightly-coloured carton, includes a uke carry bag, pitch pipe and pick. Hi everyone! I am so proud of that curriculum, but also know I am like you. 357228 On-Stage GS5012 Ukulele Rack, Holds 12. Makala MK-S Soprano Ukulele Classroom Set of 30 Ukuleles - Includes 30 ukuleles, 4 clip-on tuners, 8 sets of nylgut strings, and 1 method book CBC interviewed me in defense of the recorder, and James Hill in defense of the ukulele. He enjoys matching up players of all skill levels and classroom teachers with the right ukulele to fit their personality, style, and budget.

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